Counselling can help you:
– reclaim and strengthen the quality and intimacy of your marriage relationship
– prepare for marriage by encouraging the building of a solid foundation of trust and care
– gain freedom from addictive behaviors and substances
– learn new ways to respond to loved ones struggling with addictions
– break free of depression’s grip
– gain new understanding regarding personal choice and power
– survive and grow through grief and loss
– learn the source of anger and appropriate ways to express and direct that energy
– let go of controlling others
– define and maintain appropriate boundaries for your life
– learn how to stay safe when faced with abuse or violence
– by providing a safe and respectful place to tell your story of pain and suffering
– gain new meaning and understanding around past abuse
– successfully move through life stage transitions (new relationship, empty nest, retirement)
– explore questions regarding spirituality and the meaning of life
– create a life with purpose and balance