How much does counselling cost and is it worth it?

Entering into a counselling relationship can be both scary and costly, but the very fact that you are choosing to pursue professional counselling suggests that you have already completed one of the hardest tasks of the therapeutic process; that of making the initial commitment to a journey of self (and other) discovery.

But is it worth it?

Absolutely! Most people will tell you that the value placed on the restoration of their marriage, or on the help they received from counselling while journeying through life’s difficult times, was priceless.  It may also be wise to ask “What will be the cost of not getting counselling?”

At Life-Link Counselling Group we seek to provide therapy that is both effective and affordable.  Our regular session rate for Individual Counselling is $100.00(GST incl.) per 60-minute session (one therapist working with you).  For Couples Counselling, we also offer Co-Therapy (two therapists, one male and one female, working with you) at the rate of $150.00(GST incl.) per 60-minute session.

Subsidy Program:  Understanding that not everyone can afford these rates, Life-Link Counselling Group has established a Subsidy Program to help defer session costs for those in financial need.  If a subsidized session rate would be helpful, please ask about this option.